My favourite places in Australia (so far)!

My favourite places in Australia

A throwback 💭

Back in 2013, I decided to sign up for a Work and Travel program in Australia with one of my best friends. I packed my backpack, left all my university submission letters behind and took off on a 7-month adventure. 

I had always dreamed about coming to Australia one day and having been able to do this while I was only 19 years old, definitely made it a dream come true! 😍

So naturally, we tried to visit as many places as we could and make the most out of our time Down Under. 🏃

We weren't lucky (or clever) enough to visit the Outback or any of the West coast but here we go. Some of my favourite places in Australia (so far):

1. Sydney 🌆

This is where we arrived in Australia. The big city with its famous Bondi beach, the Opera, the Rocks,  countless buskers in the streets and just a wonderful vibe. We honestly fell in love with the city and definitely spent most of our time here as well!

2. Cairns 💦

The tropical north - and a strong contrast to the big city. It was the perfect spot for day trips to the waterfalls and going snorkelling. Hostels were also really cheap which was awesome for us backpackers! 

3. Hobart ⛰

Beautiful, quiet,  slow - this was our experience. The city at the foot of Mount Wellington definitely reminded me of my time in Cape Town. Our hike up was a bit adventurous given how we almost ended up in a storm. Definitely regret having spent only a weekend in Tasmania.

4. Noosa 🏖

Chique and chill - Noosa has a bit for everyone. Whether you like to chill at the beach, go on a hike and look for Koalas or stroll through little boutiques, this is definitely a must along the East Coast. 

This list only shows a few of my favourites places in Australia. Not mentioning others, doesn't mean that I disliked them or that I didn't have a great time - I just wanted to share some of my favourites along the way, where I was able to make great memories with amazing people. 💃

Have you already been to Australia? Share your favourite places with us in the comments below 👇


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