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🔥My Favourite Places around the Globe🌏

I have to admit that I have an app on my phone to track the countries I have been to so far. The current number is 29 countries! Don't get me wrong, I am not sharing this information with you to brag, and some people might think that this number isn't very high. I love travelling and I hope that once this whole situation starts to cool down, I will be able to travel again. Not for the numbers but for the experience.

Who doesn't love a fresh smoothie from a friendly Thai street vendor or tapas with a beer in a small bar in Spain. The taste, the smell, the noises. All of this is a big part of the experience. 

While I have lived abroad in several countries, I have fallen in love with all of them but also with a few countries that I have visited so far.

I like to keep things short so here is my list of (so far) favourite places around the world (in no particular order):

  • Australia 💙 


  • Croatia 🔥


  • Thailand 🐘


  •  Canada 🏔


  •  Spain 🍷

  • Italy 🍨


  • France 💦 


Trying to explain why they are some of my favourite countries would definitely take too long. In my upcoming posts, I hope I will be able to appropriately share my travel experiences with you and get you inspired for your upcoming trips!

Feel free to share your favourite places with me in the comments below or if you have already been to one of the countries that I have mentioned in my list. I'd love to connect with you all!




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